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Hallo, mein Name ist Anton und willkommen auf unserer Webseite. Durch die sorgfältige Kategorisierung unserer vorgestellten Inhalte können Sie sich einen Überblick darüber verschaffen, wer wir sind, welche Vorzüge wir haben und wodurch wir uns auszeichnen. Wir versprechen, unser Bestes zu geben, um Sie davon zu überzeugen, warum wir hervorragende Teddys sind. Also, tauchen Sie gleich ein und lassen Sie sich unsere magische, herzerwärmende Welt zeigen.

Teddy Bear

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Qualität und Sicherheit

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Beautiful and fun to play with products

We strive to make our items as beautiful as possible while still inviting to play with

Part of the ballerina school

Comes as a wide range of animals

Highest level of detail in design

No matter how meticulous our designs might be, we still always place safety first.


My name is Antonia and I love to dance. I do Salsa, Rumba, Zumba and Tango but my favorite is Ballet. Keep up if you can but don’t worry if you can’t, I love to perform.

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Highest quality and safety available

Double Locked eyes which are Impossible to accidentally remove

Premium collection

Hand stitched and trimmed mouth and nose, when only the highest quality will do

As huggable as ever

High quality long plush that gives that wonderfully soft and smooth feeling.


Hi! My name is Ethan. As you probably can tell I’m a classic Bukowski Design teddy bear. I look classy in my fly and proudly wear my Bukowski label on my foot. My specialty is making people happy. I’m currently looking for a new home so if you know anyone in need of a hug, please tell me.

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Embroidered Eyes

Naturally soft and huggable for babies

Especially designed for babies

Colorful and lightweight

Short fabric

Creates the highest level of comfort for babies


I’m Foxy, in every way imaginable. Smart and smooth is how I play. My patchwork family is huge, and I’m used to taking care of them. If you’re ever looking for a baby sitter, let me know.

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Naturally Beautiful

Embroidered eyes give a high level of detail and liveliness

Fun to play with

Removable clothing of highest quality and fashion

Collect our teddies

Ever expanding super popular series that is part of a wide product range in general


Hello, my name is Ninka and I’m a real doll. I’m pretty, I dress nice and of course I love to play. Me and my sisters love to play with our toy humans, especially those sweet little girls, they are adorable.

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