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Hoohoo, je suis Hoho le hibou et je ferai de mon mieux pour garder vous avez fait le point sur le monde dans lequel nous vivons, les ours en peluche. Au-dessous de vous trouveront des messages sur ce qui se passe actuellement dans nos vies, Certains des membres les plus récents de notre famille ressemblent aux foires commerciales que nous allons organiser. Visiter ou à qui on nous fait ressembler, entre autres. Chaque le temps qu'il se passe quelque chose de remarquable, je vous le ferai savoir.

Teddy Bear
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29 janvier 2019

Whats your take?

This is Gaja, Gaja is 35 cm long and made from natural cotton fabrics. Gaja is part of our new “Natural” collection and will not be sold to our customers until January 2020. As this collection is a new idea and something that we are hoping to develop we would like to ask about your opinion. Please leave a comment about Gaja and let us know if we are heading in the right direction.

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27 janvier 2019

Hello & Welcome to our new site.

Finally our new site is ready! With the help of our great friends from Brilliant Group (besite.pl) we have been working around the clock to get it ready and we hope that you will like it. We have updated some features from our old site so please take a moment to look around. Here we will give you a brief description of what it is that you will be able to find on our new site and what will happened in the near future.

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26 janvier 2019

Autumn 2020 Trade Fairs

Every year Bukowski Design visits several trade fairs. Please click on this post to se information relating to the upcoming seasons dates and booth numbers.

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