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Janusz – My Guardian Angel

Janusz – My Guardian Angel

This dedication was made from Barbara to her loving husband - Janusz. The teddy bear portraying Janusz is an angel teddy showing Barbaras feelings for her husband. Janusz is, together with Barbara, the founder of Bukowski Design. He is a loving father, husband and a big teddy.

Barbaras Motivation, written in the paper tag for this item goes:

"The year 2010 is the year of the tiger in the Chinese horoscope. Many extraordinary people are born under this zodiac sign, and one of them is


60 years ago, he began a retreat. He traded his light and white wings for two strong and large arms, those very ones that have been protecting my sons and myself for the past 25 years.

Oh my loving friend! You are the life companion who follows me through this journey that we call life. You are a wonderful intimate soul, and I thank you! I want the thank you for every single day and night, every instant of joy and pain that we shared.

Thank you for showing me the world in colors, surprising and beautiful colors. Thank you for teaching me new values, they helped me spread my wings and understand who I really am! Live in happiness my sweetheart!

Have faith in the life and give all your energy to all those people who need you. Live long, be prosperous and happy and remain forever by my side. I love you!"


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