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See our New Winter 2021 Collection

See our New Winter 2021 Collection

You seldom hear people exclaiming "Winter is finally here!", especially when living in the colder regions of the world. Please do take a moment though and reflect on all the beautiful things that this season entails. From snowball fights to hot cocoa, amazing landscapes to that fireplace in your cabin, and most of all, Christmas eve. It is with this in mind that we present you with our newest winter teddies.

This year's winter collection is rooted in our newest Bukowski family member, Maverick Bukowski, and his second winter among us. Living in Los Angeles he will not be spending it in sub-arctic temperatures, still, Barbara Bukowski has depicted him and his friends dressed for a visit at "Basia's" house back home in Sweden.

Please press this link to see the newest additions to our family album. We hope that you will enjoy them and possibly grow as attached to them as we ourselves are.


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