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Hoohoo, je suis Hoho le hibou et je ferai de mon mieux pour garder vous avez fait le point sur le monde dans lequel nous vivons, les ours en peluche. Au-dessous de vous trouveront des messages sur ce qui se passe actuellement dans nos vies, Certains des membres les plus récents de notre famille ressemblent aux foires commerciales que nous allons organiser. Visiter ou à qui on nous fait ressembler, entre autres. Chaque le temps qu'il se passe quelque chose de remarquable, je vous le ferai savoir.

Teddy Bear
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6 juillet 2022

Sweet Dalia – New Dedication

Sweet Dalia! What a cute little girl. Daughter of a Los Angeles film producer and next-door neighbor of our beloved Mavi. Together they play as their parents enjoy the Californian sun.

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11 mai 2021

New Dedication – Henry

Henry And Mavi Bukowski are and have been friends from birth. Born within a couple of months of each other the two little rascals are bound to think of all kinds of mischief as they grow older. They have already started their careers by biting on their father's fingers, throwing their pacifiers out of the stroller, and occasionally overeating. Never the less the two little darling boys are the apples of their mothers' eyes, who regularly take the little friends out for walks together.

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24 janvier 2020

New Dedication – Proud Tadeusz

Here is a new teddy bear with a dedication - This one is for Tadeusz Wojcik - Barbara Bukowskis' father.

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1 décembre 2019

Janusz – My Guardian Angel

This dedication was made from Barbara to her loving husband – Janusz. The teddy bear portraying Janusz is an angel teddy showing Barbaras feelings for her husband. Janusz is, together with Barbara, the founder of Bukowski Design. He is a loving father, husband and a big teddy. Barbaras Motivation, written in the paper tag for […]

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